Communal machinery

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Communal machinery

Communal machinery by Meiren:

N-series rotary broom HT with sideshift

Rotary broom

N-series rotary broom HT is a street cleaning brush, designed for use on highways, but is also suitable for cleaning city streets. Innovative aspect of the broom is its sideways shifting solution, which gives you an additional option to operate the brush. The sideways shifting and floating are both hydraulical, sideways tilting is mechanical. Watch how to ease your everyday street cleaning by using the sideshift function.

Snow bucket LK

Snow bucket

Snow bucket is designed for snow or other lightweight materials evacuation and transportation.

Hydraulic pile rammer Vairam

Hydraulic pile rammer

The pile rammer VAIRAM is designed for the installation of different profile piles in the ground. The equipment can be set up in front of a front-end loader (with a min. lifting capacity of 1000 kg). The equipment may be used on hard and smooth surfaces, under conditions of no tilt risk. The pile rammer can be rented out.

Kobit s.r.o. Communal Machinery

We sell KOBIT s.r.o. communal machinery and spare parts.The ranges of products can be found on KOBIT s.r.o. web site.