Quality and Environmental Policy of Meiren

For us it is essential that the technical requirements are fully respected. So we can guarantee the high quality of our products, as well as environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

The following quality and environmental principles apply in Meiren:

  • We continuously improve our quality and environmental management performance and effectiveness;
  • We act in compliance with laws and other regulations and requirements that apply to the activities of the company;
  • We use quality enhancing and environmental friendly technologies in constructions and details;
  • We prevent pollution and reduce the harmful effects on the environment caused by our activities;
  • We promote the development of our company, increase the competence and qualifications of our employees;
  • We are customer-oriented in our production and maintain agreed-dates. We assure that the requirements, needs and desires are met by customers and satisfaction is achieved;
  • We bow before avoidance dangerous situations and assure the readiness of our employees to act;
  • We identify, manage, evaluate systematically all environmental aspects of the company;
  • We provide our employees and partners of our environment and saving-protecting principles. Likewise, from ecological aspects of corporate activities and its disposal and reduction methods / means that are necessary for the elimination of effects;
  • We ensure safe and healthy working conditions and well-being for all our employees.