Silver medal at the Demopark Exhibition 2013

Meiren Snow has been awarded by Silver medal at the Demopark Exhibition 2013!

The Snow Meiren engineers team has developed innovative solutions to meet the needs of customers in respect of the work result, customer value and business management.

The Silver medal was awarded to the motorway and road snow plow MSPN 4604 Next Generation.


MSPN04 snowplows represent Meiren’s new Next Generation-plows. These combine the best properties of Meiren’s most popular highway plow MSP03 with completely new and unique solutions. The highway plow of the Next Generation 04 series has a bidirectionally shiftable parallelogram, which gives the driver significantly more options to manoeuvre the plow and also helps to cover the area being plowed to the maximum. Special elastic polyurethane blade holders smoothly move over different obstacles on the ground, lower noise and reduce vibration.

Neuheitenschau 2013 Preis_Meiren Snow