Product Development

Raoul Renser – Director of Product Design, Member of the Board

Raoul graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in 1991, having studied in the mechanical engineering department, specialising in construction. His first experience of real work was designing jigs at Saab’s car plant. In 1991 Raoul worked at the manufacturing concern Talleks, where his primary duties were perfecting the gear box of a mini-tractor, and developing a front-loading garbage truck. In 1997, Raoul’s unceasing desire for invention inspired him to design his first snowplow.

In 2003, with the help of his friend Jaan, he established the engineering bureau Meiren Engineering OÜ. Some time later they also started producing Meiren snowplows. Today Raoul is in charge of the product development of all Meiren snow plows.

In his spare time Raoul is in a band. He plays the guitar, drums, synthesizer and sings. When possible, he also engages in his hobby of rallysprint. Here you can listen to Raoul playing guitar in 1993 with the band “Mad Road”.


Mobile: +372 56 61 61 41