Side wing plow KSM04

Side wing plow KSM04

The Meiren’s new KSM04 series plow is designed for use on highways and paved roads. Patented elastic polyurethane blade holder move smoothly over different obstacles on the road surface. KSM04 side plow can be equipped with hydraulic additional blade mechanism LH to achieve the best working trail.


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Meiren’s new KSM04 series truck side plows are designed for use on highways and paved roads. The plow can be used for clearing the snow from roadsides by cutting the ridges of the snow piles.

The new KSM04 series truck side plows are equipped with the same technology as the front snow plows, they have the same silent, road surface coping patented blade holders from polyurethane. The KSM04 is now also equipped with an hydraulic additional blade mechanism, a press/ lighten function for the plow, and a set for adjusting the tilt angle.

We are currently offering the following products: KSM3104, KSM3704, KSM4604 and KSM5504.

For maximum efficiency, combine together with the N-Series highway snow plow MSPN04.

    Total width of blades:3 050 mm3 660 mm4 575 mm5 490 mm
    Max operational width:2 590 mm3 100 mm3 770 mm4 510 mm
    The cutting angle of blades (vertically):30°30°30°30°
    Number of segments:5x 610 mm6x 610 mm5x 915 mm6x 915 mm
    Moldboards height (blades included):620/1 300 mm620/1 300 mm620/1 460 mm620/1 635 mm
    Max turning angle:58°58°54°54°
    Weight with standard equipment:1 050 kg1 140 kg1 380 kg1 430 kg
    Section of additional blades:4 pcs4 pcs5 pcs6 pcs
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