Snow plow LSPN, sideshiftable

Snow plow LSPN, sideshiftable

Sideshiftable snow plow LSPN is meant for working on city streets, light traffic roads and smaller side roads. The new highway plow of the N-series has the patented bidirectionally shiftable parallelogram, which gives the driver significantly more options to manoeuvre the snow plow and also helps to cover the area being plowed to the maximum. Impact relief blade holders that work with spring mechanism help to overcome obstacles, for example manhole covers. Snow plow moldboard can be ordered in different height and shape, according to the working conditions.


Sideshiftable snow plow LSPN

  • Sideshiftable snow plow LSPN
  • New TSP02 snow plough Twincone
  • City snowplow LSPN



Sideshiftable snow plow LSPN is a plow with durable construction, moldboard partially made of plastic meant for cars, that are suitable for cleaning city streets, light traffic roads and smaller side roads. LSPN model serie is equipped with hydraulic side impact-relief protection, which reduces the impact from contact with a curbstones on the snow plows moldboard. The snow plows blade holders are equipped with spring mechanism, that in contact with an obstacle move backwards, reducing the impact on the snow plow. Angle of the blades and tension in the springs can be regulated separately.


Wireless switch is available as extra equipment for controlling additional valves.  Additional valves need to be installed to the snow plow, if the car doesn’t have enough hydraulic outlets for additional blade– or sideshift functions.

Connection to the additional valves is via radio communication.

    Total width3 650 mm3 960 mm4 310 mm
    Total width of blades3 370 mm3 670 mm3 980 mm
    Min working width at max turning angle * 2 600 mm2 840 mm3 080 mm
    Moldboard height left/right (with blades)1 020 mm/1 320 mm1 060 mm/1 330 mm1 035 mm/1 330 mm
    Max turning angle to the right *39°39°39°
    Max turning angle to the left *26°26°26°
    The cutting angle
    of blades
    Weight with standard equipment810 kg840 kg900 kg
    Total weight when equipped1 000 kg1 040 kg1 110 kg
    * - The numerical values ​​shown are only achievable with the "Hydraulic Tilt function"!
  • Equipment

    • Meiren PATENTED parallelogram (lifting frame) with Sideshift readiness
    • Lifting and pivot cylinder
    • Moldboard, partially plastic
    • Moldboard, with Standard height (also available “Low” non-throwing moldboard)
    • Mounting couplings (bolt-on) according to the type of the vehicle mounting plate
    • Hydraulic impact relief valve with hydraulic battery, for pivot cylinder
    • Mechanical support leg (for storing)
    • Hydraulic hoses 2 pair and quick couplers (½”)
    • Multi-sectional spring mechanism for adjusting blade holder angels
    • Possibility to adjust tension in the blade holder springs
    • Safety markings (reflective film in front and back side)
    • LED marker lights
    • Colour: Meiren yellow
  • Extra equipment

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