Light city and highway snow plow MSLN, sideshiftable

Light city and highway snow plow MSLN, sideshiftable

MSLN-04 series light snow plows are designed for areas with little snow, where snow plowing is done with medium sized trucks (10,0 – 18,0 t trucks). The plows are suitable for use on paved roads, such as highways, cities and the surrounding areas, where is important very good cleaning result and low noise level. Patented elastic polyurethane blade holders clean the road surface to maximum and smoothly move over different obstacles on the ground. The sideways shifting solution makes working with the plow comfortable and effective, especially while using side plow. It is possible to order the moldboard in different heights and shapes, depending on the nature of the work.



We are currently offering the following products: MSLN3404, MSLN3704 and MSLN4004.


  • Smoothly overcomes manhole covers – Patented blade holders are made from a special polyurethane mixture. Blade holder section deforms and moves backwards, allowing the snow plow to move smoothly over the obstacle. At a speed of 40 km/h the blade holder passes obstacles up to 10 cm high with no problems.
  • Copies the road surface to the maximum – 305 mm sections of the blade holders enable using blades of different length (305 – 1200 mm). Shorter blades copy the road surface the best.


  • Working width up to 8,5m – The unique patented parallelogram enables shifting the plow sideways and lifting the entire plow. Sideshift gives the driver more options to manoeuvre the front plow. Combined with Meiren 5.5 m sidewing the working width is even up to 8,5m.


  • Wireless switch is designed for controlling electric hydraulic distributor.  Hydraulic distributors need to be installed to the snow plow, if the vehicle doesn’t have enough hydraulic outlets for e.g additional blade– or sideshift functions.Wireless switch connection to the hydraulic distributor is via radio communication.







Product advantages:

  1. Light snow plow – highway plow is suitable for medium sized (10,0 – 18,0 t full weight) trucks.
  2. Less noise – road copying blade holders and additional blade system ensure a clean road surface that reduces the need to use salt.
  3. Saving the road surface markings – elastic blade holder saves the road surface markings.
  4. Less salt – maximum copying of the road surface and additional blade system ensure a clean road surface even when plowing just once, which reduces the necessity of using salt.
  • Technical dataMSLN2804MSLN3704
    Suitable for vehicle with actual weight: under 18 tunder 18 t
    Overall width:3 072 mm3 950 mm
    Overall width of blades:2 760 mm3 680 mm
    Min plowing width of blades*:2 115 mm2 8000 mm
    Max turning angle (left/right) *:35°/ 40°35°/ 40°
    The cutting angle of blades (vertically):25°25°
    Standard height of the moldboard (left/right):988/ 1 070 mm910/1 120 mm
    Weight with standard equipment:795 kg895 kg
    Total weight when equipped:895 kg1 010 kg
    * - Values given are only achievable with the “Hydraulic Sideshift function”!
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  • Extra equipment

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