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  • Tractor snow plow VTSP3304

    V-plow VTSP 3304 is sturdy and robust snow plow with partially plastic lobes for tractors and wheel loaders. These V-plows are meant for cleaning highways, light traffic roads, parks and smaller side roads. Snow plow is equipped with a polyurethane elastic medium blade.

  • V-plow VTS- tractor snow plow

    V-plows VTS are double-blade tractor snow plows with advanced and reinforced structure, the quality and ease of use of which meet the highest requirements. The snow plow is meant for tractors used for cleaning light traffic roads, parks and smaller side roads. The blade holders of VTS-series snow plows with a steel blade are equipped with a two-section spring mechanism to reduce impacts.

  • Snow plow TSK 3403

    Snow plow TSK with conical moldboard is mainly designed to clean snow on side roads and on smaller village roads. Adjustable stone protection mechanism helps to safely move over obstacles on ground. In addition to steel blades the adjustable cutting angle allows to use rubber blades as well.

  • Sideshiftable, N-series rear blade TR

    Rear blade TR3400 is the new snow removal equipment in Meiren Snow product range. Multifunctional 3-in-one rear blade with sideshift solution can be used in both winter and summer season. In the winter the plow can be used as side plow to enlarge the total working width and to clear the snow on road shoulders by cutting the ridges of the snow piles. In summer the plow can be used in road maintenance as you can use it to distribute fillers and level soil. The rear blade can be used stand-alone, without additional front plow rear of the tractor.

  • Snow bucket LK

    Snow bucket is designed for remove and transport snow or other lightweight materials. As an extra equipment the snow bucket has side flaps and they are designed to collect snow at the ground and due that enlarge the working width of the bucket. If the side flaps are not in use, the snow bucket should be equipped with edge protection.

  • Sideshiftable, N-series rotary broom HT

    New sideshiftable, N-series rotary broom HT is a street cleaning brush, designed for use on highways, but is also suitable for cleaning city streets. Innovative aspect of the brush is its sideways shifting solution, which gives you an additional option to operate the broom. The sideways shifting and floating are both hydraulical, sideways tilting is mechanical.